Parenting or Teaching a Neurodiverse Student?

When you're raising a Neurodivergent child you're constantly wearing different hats. You are a mom or dad at home, an advocate at the doctor, the champion for your child when dealing with teachers and school professionals … and so much more. So many parents, and even educators, end up saying, “I wish I just had a roadmap for my Neurodiverse student."

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Know the Way at School was created specifically to help navigate Neurodiversity in the classroom for parents, teachers, and educators alike. This is a defined, proven process and method that simplifies communication between you and your child or student. This Theara Way course creates connection and empowers teachers working with Neurodiverse kids.

As an educator, many different kinds of students will sit in your classrooms. However, one of the more unique challenges will be navigating the educational journey and communicating with Neurodiverse students. 

For Educators

Navigating a classroom is challenging as it is, and when you’re teaching Neurodiverse students it can add a new facet for the entire classroom. Is your Neurodiverse student succeeding or are other students making life harder for them? Communicating effectively is pivotal as the educator and leader of the classroom.

For Schools

Providing an inclusive, equal, and diverse learning environment for your Neurodiverse students is one of the best ways to help them reach their educational goals. You can do this by empowering your teachers and faculty and by ensuring they are promoting an inclusive classroom and school.

For Parents

It’s important that you are fully versed in your child's educational journey. Things like IEPs and 504s can be mind-boggling. You need to know all your options to ensure your child is being provided the best options to grow, develop, and thrive.


How can you ensure Neurodiverse students are effectively communicating, succeeding with their educational journey, and enjoying learning?

Our Know the Way at School Training.


Know the Way at School provides a clear guide for educators, schools, and parents to clearly delineate the steps of a Neurodiverse student's educational journey from the moment they enter Kindergarten until they walk across the stage at their high school graduation and beyond.


Support the Neurodiverse students in your life by giving them the resources and opportunities that will allow them to thrive.

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