Making Neurodiversity Work in the Workplace

Neurodiversity inclusion at work is a start, but embracing Neurodiversity in the workplace can create massive opportunities and a better workplace for Neurodiverse individuals and their coworkers.

No matter why you’re here, we know that Neurodiversity at work has the potential to create a stronger workplace, and a more open, knowledgeable workforce, and allows companies and employees to focus on the strengths and opportunities Neurodiversity presents rather than just the challenges and difficulties.

Know the Way at Work accomplishes this through a simple method that allows for better communication with Neurodiverse people in the workplace, bridge-building based on shared ideals, concepts to bridge difficulties in understanding and coworking, and much more - baked into simple to understand modules that seek to educate rather than overwhelm.

For Employees

Life as a Neurodiverse person can be complex, but the complexities is heighten when it comes to the workplace. How do your coworkers perceive you? What about your boss? Navigating the workplace with Neurodiversity can yield multiple strengths and opportunities to be leveraged when goals and a common roadmap are shared.

For the HR Professional

Providing an inclusive, equal, and diverse working environment for the Neurodiverse workforce is crucial.  By doing so, you will be empowering the workforce along with ensuring they’re working efficiently and being treated with equity.

How can you create a working environment that Neurodiverse people can thrive in?

Our Know the Way at Work Training.


Know the Way at Work gives employees and HR professionals tackling Neurodiversity in the workplace the tools, skills, and resources to navigate their workplace’s unique needs. You’ll be prepared to tackle all the obstacles and challenges your team faces together.


Create opportunity through embracing Diversity in the Workplace now, and create an environment where the Neurodiverse and people who work with them truly Thrive.

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