$175.00 USD

Theara's Ceritifcation for Schools

Gain your Theara School Certification to ensure you're up-to-date with industry stands to provide an inclusive, accommodating classroom for the Neurodiverse.

Who should become Theara Certified?

  • Private and Charter School Employees to expand school offerings and credibility
  • Teen Rehabilitation Programs and Detention Centers to better serve students
  • Educators of all types to expand their employment opportunities and resumes
  • Educational leaders to guide and direct school personnel appropriately

Why should you become Theara Certified?

  • Better Serve Your Students
  • Expand your reach as an educator
  • More marketability 
  • Expand your employment opportunity.

After taking Know the Way at School and Emerge ND, you will have the tools and resources to create a classroom that is accessible and productive for all employees. By becoming certified, you will prove to all your students and colleagues that you are committed to their unique needs in the classroom.

Get Theara certified today.